Ghana – Volunteers collaborates with hundreds of local orphanages, schools, medical centers, women projects, NGOs and grassroots organizations. We are committed to offering the lowest cost and highest quality volunteer programs on the market, which enables more volunteers to serve humanity and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There are many reasons to choose Ghana – Volunteers:

  • Best price and quality
  • A Ghanaian Non-profit Organization
  • Our Grassroots Approach
  • Our Experience
  • A Complete Volunteer Experience
  • Experienced Coordinators
  • Customized Project

Best price and quality

Ghana – Volunteers is a nonprofit organization and our international staff is comprised of dedicated humanitarians with passion for making this world a better place. Money is not a motivating force for us to run the volunteer abroad program. Ghana – Volunteers does not make ANY profit from these programs. The fees are just enough to keep our programs sustained. By doing this, we hope to inspire many volunteers like you and your family and friends to venture into the world at large and make a real difference.
You may realize other non-profit volunteer organizations charge as much as $2500 for two weeks of volunteering abroad, but not with Ghana – Volunteers Now, No other volunteer abroad organization can surpass the price and quality that Ghana – Volunteers offers. Even though our pricing is low, our quality does not suffer. We are also committed to offering safe and quality programs. We continually rethink our international operations and trim unnecessary expenses in order to offer affordable and high-quality programs.

A Ghanaian Non-Profit Organization

Ghana – Volunteers is a organization dedicated to offering volunteer abroad opportunities to students and volunteers on a limited budget. Our Organization status allows your program fees to be tax deductible, as allowed by law.

Our Grassroots Approach: a Helping hand to local communities

In most of our program countries, Ghana – Volunteers works directly with local orphanages, schools, NGOs and youth groups. Our volunteer programs focus on supporting local community development programs in host communities abroad. Today, as a non-profit organization, Ghana – Volunteers is able to mobilize thousands of volunteers abroad to support community development, underprivileged children and grassroots organizations worldwide.

Ghana – Volunteers does not believe in the traditional charitable development model in which donors provide money for development. Our grassroots approach empowers local organizations or communities to identify and engage in solving their problems. This people-to-people approach unites volunteers and local citizens to share ideas and work side-by-side on important issues.

A Complete Volunteer Experience

Ghana – Volunteers aims to offer multifaceted and meaningful programs, which includes language courses, cultural immersion, volunteer opportunities and amazing travel experiences. This approach ensures that volunteers leave with a diverse and memorable experience that is second to none.

Experienced Coordinators

Ghana – Volunteers team is strong, comprised of experienced local coordinators who manage successful and effective volunteer abroad programs. Most of our coordinators supervise local level organizations and focus on the local issues of their communities. We work directly with local schools, orphanages, development agencies and community organizations. We strive to ensure that each local program meets the high standards of quality expected and deserved by our volunteers.

Customized Project

Our volunteer assignments are not one-size-fits-all. No matter what which project you choose, Ghana – Volunteers offers the most-unique and customized volunteer projects. Our project placement process considers the personal interests, skills and experience of each volunteer. Our local coordinator explores the best local organizations and handpicks the perfect program for each volunteer. Volunteers receive detailed information of their project, including living arrangements and food, prior to arrival.

Volunteer Care and Other Services

Ghana – Volunteers staffs strive to support volunteers by answering all questions and providing the best advice on issues from general fundraising to personal issues like health, culture, excursions, travel, passports and visas, safety and special events.