Volunteer your skills to teach football, rugby, cricket, volleyball, basketball etc. If you love sport and adventure, this sports development volunteer program in Ghana, is the best option for you. Choose from our range of unique sports coaching volunteer programs in Ghana.

Whether you just love sports or you’re a professional, we have a project for you in Ghana! No experience required, just a desire to use Sports to help others. Sports coaching volunteers train, play and get immersed into the life of the community, since sports is a big community. This volunteer project in Ghana is perfect for gap year, summer holidays, student travel and career breaks.


  • Prepare sports  training modules/plans
  • You will be teaching and assisting in sports training.
  • You might be assigned to develop team assignments
  • You will be able to share your knowledge, skills and passion for sport
  • You will learn deeply about Ghanaian culture and the country
  • You will do something positive
  • You will make a significant and worthwhile contribution to the local community
  • You will meet new people and make friends for life

Many children in Ghana don’t have the opportunity to receive proper coaching . You’ll work with schools and community teams after school. Sports has the power to bring people together. It speaks a universal language and cuts through culture, race and religion.

The Ghana sports coaching volunteer project also helps coordinate important educational workshops in areas lacking emphasis in general school curricula such as recycling, nutrition, hygiene, and self-esteem. This is a fun project for anyone who loves working with children and youth.  The youth are very enthusiastic and always keen to learn, play, and interact with volunteers.

Being a sports professional is not required. You don’t need to be a coach, athlete, or sports teacher to participate, though we do encourage you to enroll if you are. Only passion for sports and teaching is necessary. You must enjoy working with children and young adults, and being an active participant in sports activities.
Your volunteer work will get the youths excited about sports. It’s surprising just how interested they can become once you’re involved. Your presence is a powerful motivation for these athletes to come to practice.


Project Location: Koforidua, Agona Swedru, Kasoa
Minimum Age: 18
Minimum Duration: 4 weeks
Suitable for Families: Yes
Suitable for Groups: Yes
Language Requirement: English

Arrival Dates: Everyday in the week

Work Schedule: Work Schedule: Because of the heat in Ghana, sports are not played during midday. Sessions are split into morning and afternoon.
Monday – Thursday. 7AM – 10AM: Morning session – Sports theory. 3PM – 5PM: Afternoon session – Sports practice with individuals, groups, and school teams.
Dress Code: Dress appropriately for a school environment. Wear appropriate sport clothes while being active. Very short shorts and tank tops are not permitted.

About the program

The physical education program runs in conjunction with our primary schools where volunteers are placed at local public/government schools. A majority of the Schools does not have equipment to conduct a sports program and volunteers have to be flexible and use their initiative. Volunteers will only have 1-3 periods of Physical Education per day, approximately 1-3 hours only and the rest of the day they will be required to assist the teachers in the classroom with lessons. This can vary depending on the activities planned for the day, or the volunteer’s creativity and initiative to conduct their own physical education lessons with the children. 

Structure and Facilities 

  • Vary depending on the location, resources available and level of trained staff . Some Schools are very well structured and well managed while others lack infrastructure and resources 

  • Most of these projects are funded through subsidies, donations and grants.


  • Making physical education lesson plans
  • Helping teach and prepare for sports classes
  • Helping with and taking part in sports competitions of all kinds
  • Managing sporting activities for the children
  • Motivate youths to be physically active
  • Assisting teachers in other subjects
  • Helping children learn about new