Volunteering programs are not just aimed at young men and women looking for a new experience before they embark on a career. It’s a rewarding experience for senior people too who just want to take a break from their careers or contribute to something meaningful during their golden retirement years. We have a specially curated set of volunteer programs that are tailored for our mature volunteers over the age of 50. These include English teaching, medical and health volunteering, women’s empowerment, wildlife conservation. You’ll really be able to personalize your experience, creating the perfect over 50’s gap year experience for you.

Our senior experts volunteer programs factor in the needs and requirements of our mature volunteers in every way. You can opt for comfortable accommodation that do not require excessive physical exertion or extensive travel. Of course, you are always free to choose more challenging programs if you are alright with the extra effort.

Our goal is to create life-changing experiences while opening your mind and heart to see the beauty inherent in mingling with foreign cultures. Our senior volunteer programs are available in few countries but you can choose pretty much any program to your liking. Some of the below locations have all been tried and tested by our own team and strike the perfect balance between off the beaten path and culturally rich destinations and close proximity or easy access to tourist sites. Besides the below, feel free to contact us if there is any other program on our website that suits you.