Our special needs and mental health projects assists people living with special needs, due to which stigmas in society are high and they struggle with tasks that ordinary people don’t even think twice about. Even the most basic medical and educational needs are difficult to meet for these children and adults suffering from physical and mental disabilities. It is especially challenging in developing countries where resources are already scarce and if they are in low income families. Disabled facilities in most countries provide food, accommodation, and basic medical and educational facilities. The sad reality is that these facilities are grossly underfunded and the allocated funds and perks often never make it to the needy. Most importantly those with special needs miss the love and compassion they most crave above all else

Special needs and mental health Volunteering is an emotional and life-altering experience. Mental and Physical disabilities in these individuals can range from mild to severe and a bit of extra attention and mentoring can make a significant difference to their education and lives. As a volunteer, you’ll play an important role in providing individual assistance in learning tasks that would be otherwise inaccessible to these people. Volunteers work with the local staff to help care for the children and adults. Your daily tasks may include playing with the kids, creating activities for them, and helping with other tasks like feeding and cleaning up. Volunteers may also help them during their rehabilitation and therapy exercises under supervision. Check out the locations below where you can join as a mental volunteer.

Volunteer for the Disabled Care & Special Need Program takes care of children, most of whom have mental and physical disabilities. Volunteers need to be extremely patient and empathetic towards the children while showering them with adequate love & care. Your main focus should be on the well-being of these special kids. While this is one of the most challenging volunteering programs, it is undoubtedly the most satisfying as well. 

kids engaged in mindful games, teach them basic lessons, help them in making crafts and paintings, and carry out activities through which they can learn valuable lessons. 

Responsibilities at the project include: 

  • Keeping kids engaged in mindful games, teaching them basic lessons
  • Assist in helping to make crafts and paintings
  • Carry out activities through which they can learn valuable lessons
  • Assist the caretaking staff in the administrative work of the center(s)