Project Specific & Prices

About the program

Volunteer in Ghana at a government health centre. This very busy, under-staffed Health Centre provides general outpatient care, inpatient delivery care and community health outreach education.

By far the most common ailments seen at the health centre is malaria and typhoid fever.  Community education topics will include identifying symptoms, treatment, and prevention of malaria, as well as gastro intestinal diseases, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, diarrhoea and more.

Volunteers with medical training will have a hands-on patient contact including but not limited to blood testing, health check-ups, and giving vaccinations. Medical, nursing and undergraduate student volunteers will have the opportunity to observe and shadow the nurses and doctor & participate in community outreach projects.

Volunteers hands-on support work will depend on their qualifications, and more importantly the needs of the clinic. Volunteers will be instructed to bring their own medical supplies (gloves, mask, scrubs and donations). Our healthcare placements offer an exceptional learning opportunity, in addition to a gratifying volunteer experience. These placements offer an international learning ground where you can not only view healthcare in practice but effects of volunteering abroad in healthcare are plain to see. Medical care is a basic human right, and making it accessible for all is essential. The Hospitals and clinics that we work with are striving to fulfil that need, and can always benefit from an extra pair of hands. Working on our health projects offers a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to become familiar with the challenges and health issues of developing countries. All our hospitals and clinics are government approved.
We have a number of departments who would appreciate your help. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience in your field in a different culture where practices may differ considerably to what you’re used to. We have a variety of Medical placements available in Ghana. You could work in a hospital or a clinic. You can work in a variety of difference medical departments, where you can either assist or shadow the staff members. The type of work you will be allocated will depend to an extent on your own abilities and capabilities, which is understandable given that you will be dealing with patient health and safety.

any concerns, questions, or needs you may have will be addressed efficiently and promptly.

Our professional staff will ensure your absolute safety, advising on the do’s and don’t during your stay.